Hotel/Restaurant English Course and More
I love to travel and I love teaching English.

     My wife and I stayed in a wonderful hotel in Vung Tau, Vietnam. It was a wonderful view of the South China Sea from our balcony. We had just ordered two cups of coffee and sat overlooking the picturesque harbor.
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I hated to leave, but we were on our way back to America. The staff was amazing. Their sincere effort to do everything possible to make our stay memorable was moving. I will never forget them. As we were checking out, I made a casual comment, but a sincere one; if you provide us with a room and meals we will come back to teach English to your staff. Two days later, in Saigon, I received the follow e-mail: "Dear Mr. Forness, I talked to the Board of Directors and they were enthusiastic about your proposal- WHEN CAN YOU START." We were leaving in a couple of days. I returned the next day and made arrangements to return as soon as possible. One of the questions I asked was about the room we would be given. They said "You will be given our best room."
     During that short time news had gotten out that we would be returning, which we did a year later. In America, I gathered: interactive DVD's, CD's, several workbooks, materials on active listening, non-verbal communication, pronunciation and grammar. I invested in some nice equipment. I would like to come to your hotel. Please look at the rest of the web site. If you think I could help you please contact me. I believe the time and money invested will improve business. I know it will make your staff very appreciative of the management. I will do a great job.

David Forness

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