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Debangstix UK Strawberry Kiwi Flavour E-Liquid 10ml

Review – Debangstix UK Strawberry Kiwi Flavour E-liquid 10ml

Review – Debangstix UK Strawberry Kiwi Flavour E-Liquid 10mldebangstix-strawberry-kiwi_1

For this e-liquid review we will be looking at Strawberry Kiwi Flavor E-liquid 10ml – 12mg strength.

Strawberry flavoured e-liquids where some of the first flavors to become available for e-cigarettes and have always been popular. With the plain Strawberry flavor having been around almost as long as the e-cigarettes themselves, it was only a matter of time before it was mixed with other flavors. Nowadays there’s so much more variety to choose from other than just plain strawberry, such as;

  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Mixed Berries
  • Apple & Strawberry
  • Strawberry & Mint
  • Strawberry & Banana

I personally have been vaping for a couple of years now, and with strawberry flavor one of my all-time favourite e-liquids, I thought I would freshen things up and see what variations are available on the net. I stumbled upon the Debangstix website and navigated to the e-liquid section, here I found a huge range of flavoured e-liquids. I saw many different strawberry flavors and eventually settled on the Strawberry & Kiwi flavor.

Upon first opening the bottle you will immediately notice the fresh sweet smell of strawberries. Once I had filled the tank on my e-cigarette with the liquid I left to soak for 5 mins as recommended (This stops the coil for burning out prematurely).

The strength in the flavor of this e-liquid was fantastic. You could really taste both flavors with strawberry being the more prominent and then just a hint of the fresh Kiwi at the end. I found 12mg was the perfect strength for me as it gave me just enough of a nicotine hit to curb my cigarette cravings but also, as it was medium strength meant that I could enjoy more puffs. This e-liquid literally makes your mouth water, one of the reasons for me was it reminded me of Strawberry Kopparberg - one of my absolute favourite summer drinks.

Overall Rating – 10/10