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Trump-it e-liquid flavours

Hey guys,

Well, I don’t know about you, but have you tried Trump-It e-liquid? I saw a post on Instagram the other day and decided to give them a try and they seriously are awesome!

I bought banana and grape to start off with because they’re normally my favourite flavours in most ranges and the quality of these ones was outstanding. I’m a sub-ohm vaper and they really produced some decent clouds! And the taste was sweeeeet.

So, because I liked these flavours so much, I decided to try the others too: melon, peach and berry. These were just as awesome and strong tasting as the others. I love a flavoursome e-liquid – always hate it when you get a great smelling flavour that tastes of nothing when you vape it. It’s so disappointing.

These flavours have awesome names too. They’re seriously witty: Make America grape again, Grab ‘em by the Peach, Bigly Berry, Banana Republik and Beauty Queen Melonia. Proper made me chuckle…

To add to their awesomeness, there’s more exciting news too… They’re bringing out another range! You’ve gotta be light-hearted about it but it’s all a laugh anyway, the new range is gonna be called ChubbyWrong’un, inspired by Kim Jong-un – I don’t know about you but I was laughing for a hell of a long time about this and I’m seriously buzzed about the flavours. I’ve been checking out their social posts and from what I can see, these are the flavours I have found so far:

  • Nuclear Smoothie
  • Bubble Gum Dictator
  • Blackjack Assassin
  • Lemonade Grenade
  • Tobacco Purge

I see they’re going for the same witty styles that they have with Chubby – it’s gonna be a war between them but with flavours! Haaaa.

They have some awesome illustrations for the characters. If you’ve got Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can find them all on there and at www.ineliquids.com which is the company who manufactures them.

So yeah, if you agree with how awesome they are, leave me a comment, or if you’re as buzzed as I am for the Chubby e-liquid flavours, I wanna hear which one you would try first!

Peace out guys,